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Free EPL tickets for football fanatics – Syinix giveaway        

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Did you cry when Messi raised the trophy after the penalty shootout? This has nothing to do with nationality, nor with age, football always has such magic, it makes the generation gap brought by various gaps temporarily disappear, it reminds us of youth and devotion. Luckily, our attention quickly turns to the resumption of the Premier League season. There was Martinez; Lloris, the French player who made it to the final and gave an outstanding performance; Croatia’s Modric, who finished third after a superb performance on the left flank; And Ziyech, who led the African team Morocco to the semi-finals.


Premier League fans definitely know the Leicester City Football Club. It is a promising team that won the Premier League in 2015, one of only seven clubs to win the title and won the club’s first FA Cup title in 2021. In this season, Leicester City, although affected by injuries, but also achieved good results, with the return of Daniel Amartey, Nampalys Mendy, Wilfred Ndidi and other players, it is believed that Leicester City will also create excellent results in the following games.

As the official brand partner of Leicester City Football Club, Syinix has always been confident about Leicester City’s performance on the football field. Bin Xing, the global chief brand officer of Syinix, said in an interview with the media on 9th Jan 2023, ” I am a super Premier League fan. We are deeply touched by the confidence, tenacity and unyielding spirit of Leicester City, that is why Syinix chose to cooperate with Leicester City. This year is the third year of our cooperation with the Leichester City. In order to reward our fans, Syinix will give away some of the tickets to let everyone continue to experience the passion of football brought by the  Premier League Live “Syinix is very influential in the African home appliance industry. In just a few years since its establishment, it has become the first Android TV brand in Africa. Guided by the brand idea of “quality & innovation”, Syinix aims to provide consumers with higher quality home appliances and a more convenient lifestyle, and is currently working towards the goal of becoming the first home appliance brand in Africa. Syinix owns many categories, including smart TV, air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, electric fan, kettle, etc. The world’s first swallow maker, which was launched in 2022, fills the gap in this category and has achieved great success after its launching.

Campaign Information

Prizes: Premier League football tickets * 5;
Rules: Select a slogan that best fits the Syinix brand best via https://forms.gle/DRs28An7BHXqfPqi6;
Campaign Date: 9th Jan- 21st Jan.

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PowerChina aide le Ghana à réinventer son économie grâce à une mise à niveau rapide des infrastructures de transport 

PÉKIN, 9 janvier 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Un reportage de haiwainet.cn : Le 26 septembre 2022, la cérémonie d’achèvement du projet de construction et de réhabilitation de routes et d’échangeurs sélectionnés de PowerChina au Ghana (Phase 1 du lot 7, qui concerne des routes de centre-ville dans la région Occidentale et à Cape Coast) s’est conclue avec succès à Cape Coast. Le […] read more