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Tunisia arrests 8 women allegedly linked to terror group: ministry

TUNIS— Tunisia arrested eight women for alleged link to a terror group in the town of Kram, north of the capital Tunis, the Tunisian Interior Ministry said.

After receiving the information on a violent conflict that broke out between two women, the security units arrived in one of the districts of Kram and arrested them, the ministry said in a statement.

During the operation, the security units found a secret room where six other women were hiding in, and all of the eight were under suspicion of belonging to a terrorist organization, according to the statement.

The arrest came about 24 hours after the security services detected information on plans which directly targeted the Tunisian President Kais Saied as well as the national security of the country.

Opposition to Saied has broadened over recent months as nearly all major political parties and the powerful labor union have come out against his plans, holding street rallies against him.

However, while critics of the president say his moves have raised concerns over rights and freedoms won in the 2011 revolution, there has been no widespread crackdown on the opposition.

Saied says his moves are legal and were needed to save Tunisia from years of political paralysis, economic stagnation and the malign influence of Islamist groups.